Sustainable Pricing:
Understanding the Market

Does published price or net price have a larger impact on enrollment yield?
How does my institution compare to competitors' pricing and yield?
Can we find any key market differentiators within our data? 

 SightLine’s Competitive Marketplace Report is a low cost, convenient way for institutions to get insight on how they compare to competitors. Your custom report will answer all of these questions and more!


This plot comparing published price to total enrollment, differentiated two groups of institutions. The institution we were working with is shown with a star. The University was considering a price reduction. This visualization revealed that

  • They are at the bottom of this peer group, indicating they have the lowest pricing of the smaller institutions.
  • Reducing price further would have significant implications on brand and marketing. 
  • They needed to carefully consider their options to increase enrollment.

Want to learn more? 

Learn about assessing the data you already have to drive new discounting or even tuition reset strategies moving forward. 

Strategic Marketplace Pricing Whitepaper: A Case for Change

Our complimentary whitepaper, A Case for Change, outlines the data-based, nationwide research we have done. We illustrate nationwide trends on yield rates, the impact of discounting, and rising costs of tuition. Learn from the data connections we've made and begin discussions at your institution on the best strategies during this time.

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Should we change our rates?
How long do we have to decide?

Your tailored Strategic Pricing & Competitive Marketplace Report will help you to better understand enrollment and pricing trends within your region, relative to your top competitors. Once the report is complete, set-up a free consultation with our team to analyze the results. Then, use this report as a baseline for your tuition discounting discussions at your institution, focused on the following questions:

  • Is increasing tuition and discounts a sustainable strategy?
  • How long do we have to develop a new strategy?
  • How much do we need to adjust our prices to impact yield rates?
  • How will these changes impact our average tuition revenue?

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“We were looking to better understand our position in the marketplace so that we could ‘move the needle’ to become more attractive with our offerings and more affordable at the same time. SightLine helped us considerably. Their work was thorough, insightful, and provided us the depth of analysis we were looking for. Moreover, they were timely. In short, both effective and efficient. Double thumbs up!"

VP of Enrollment at St. Ambrose University