We predict

We predict

Recruiting response

Determining which students are likely to apply or enroll at a higher education institute is a science marketing and recruiting teams have been trying to perfect. At SightLine, we have the tools to leverage your data in determining the probability a student on your list will enroll and succeed.

Student retention

SightLine tracks university engagement data (athletics, intramurals, art/music engagement, student activities, university employment, resident hall learning communities, student success courses, meeting with intervention coaches or staff), financial data (scholarships, grants, loans, expected family contribution), and our own secret sauce of internally created/derived data. Our solution acknowledges that while a student’s background demographics are stagnant, the environment around a student is dynamic. Their financial situation, university engagement, and academic performance changes each semester, providing results we can track.

Alumni engagement

Engagement during enrollment leads to improved revenue forecasting and increased graduation rates, all which lead to engagement following graduation. This engagement with students on campus helps maintain alumni relations, increasing donation yields and improving donation forecasting. SightLine identifies opportunities to optimize alumni engagement and donations at each touchpoint, identifying individual alumni with a high propensity to give and their preferred method of communication.    

We validate

We validate

Model accuracy

SightLine does not require software installations or a complex learning curve. Universities are already collecting all of the data we need to find the results. Using your underlying data, we do the work using data science and algorithms, further reducing costs in consulting time. With SightLine, we pair effective consultation with advanced software technology, generating greater value with a reduced cost.

Performance metrics

Current customers have seen improved accuracy in which students will come to the institution and which will stay, leading to improved revenue and optimal expense control. Our results have also increased potential graduation rates, critical to quality metrics. With SightLine solutions, institutions have also realized improved alumni relations and, ultimately, donors.  We provide quantifiable savings or revenue increases with each of our products.

Return on investment

SightLine uses university data to track engagement, finances, and our own secret sauce of internally derived data. Where focus on student backgrounds and demographics remains static, we turn to the dynamic, building our understanding around the changing engagement, academic performance, and financial situation. Our solution, paired with reasonable pricing, generates a tremendous return on investment for our customers.

We deliver

We deliver

Granular results

Where other organizations focus on demographic information and GPAs to identify groups of at-risk students, we combine that data with additional enrollment information you are already collecting to identify individual students who are likely to enroll and succeed at your university while identifying unique interventions to keep them enrolled and engaged.

Report interpretation

Our team of expert data analysts run the models using data provided by your university and deliver the results in a presentation in a timely manner. We provide the supporting materials, an executive summary, and highlight the key findings to help you accomplish your mission.

Strategic guidance

SightLine has built a team of higher education and data analytics experts committed to helping education institutions better understand and predict student success and therefore improve financial performance and graduation rates. It is a better solution, focused on higher education institutions with data driven products that are more accurate. Unlike others on the market, our solution does not require administrators to learn software nor spend enormous amounts of money on consulting services. We provide insight to improve enrollment, retention, and engagement.  

We balance

We balance

Customization & cost

Accessing data you are already collecting, we are able to maintain a lower cost than our competitors, while customizing the report to align with your specific dataset, from recruitment to financial aid forecasting to retention.

Consulting & technology

While we use our technology to run the models and build an understanding of the data, our team of experts interprets the result to present you with specific insights to improve your bottom line. 

Present & future

We take the data from the past and present to build an understanding of patterns. These patterns are analyzed using the SightLine system to help forecast the future and better predict enrollment, guide intervention efforts for retention, and build an understanding of graduates for alumni donations. 
We take a holistic approach to predictive analytics, providing assessments at every stage in the student lifecycle.