Predictive Analytics For Higher Education

Enhance recruitment efforts. Increase enrollment. Improve student retention. Sharpen financial aid budgets. Assess market position and brand. To succeed, your institution must allocate stretched resources where they can have the greatest impact.

We have solutions for every stage of the student lifecycle without complex software implementations. Click one of the following solutions to learn more:

"We knew we had the answers within our datasets, but didn't know how to find them. SightLine helped us redirect resources so they have the most impact."

Realized Outcomes from College & University Partners

Average customer ROI
Average increase in enrollment
Increase in annual net revenue per product
Sensitivity in identifying at-risk students
Accuracy in annual FinAid forecasts


Roadmap to Financial Aid Leveraging & Optimizing Net Price

We walk you through a high-level process of how to:

  • Gain competitive market context
  • Use student level data for enrollment modeling
  • Create what-if-scenarios around new awarding structures
  • Quantify the range of possible enrollment & revenue outcomes to select an award strategy

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