SightLine to Tuition & Awarding

As a CFO or VP of Enrollment, you want to understand how to set pricing and award strategy to meet net revenue, enrollment goals and strategic initiatives. 

In order to set tuition and award amounts, we:

  • Optimize awards to increase enrollment and revenue
  • Deliver marketplace intelligence and benchmarking
  • Simulate 100’s of awarding structures to fit student demographics and market positioning
  • Quantify impact of what-if scenarios on enrollment, revenue and retention
  • Validate impact after enrollment and continually assess strategy

SightLine provided us with a comprehensive view of our future enrollment thanks to their predictive modeling. Their insights allowed us to confidently build our budget and allocate institutional aid with more efficiency and effectiveness.”

SightLine to FinAid Forecasting

As a CFO or Director of Financial Aid, you must produce annual budgets, but this is challenging without knowing which students are enrolling or returning each year. 

In order to create financial aid forecasts with <3% error rate, we:

  • Provide payout predictions from specific institutional funds based on individual student data
  • Analyze individual student characteristics and academic progress for precise predictions
  • Estimate range of possible revenue outcomes to support risk management
  • Identify aid to be securely reallocated to support other resources

SightLine helped free up money in our financial aid budget, opening money we used to hold in contingency and allowing us to apply it with a fair degree of confidence.”

Sightline to enrollment

As a VP of Enrollment or Director of Financial Aid, you are inundated with lists of students but have no real way to know if a student is likely to enroll at your institution. 

In order to reach your enrollment goals, we:

  • Develop data-informed enrollment strategies
  • Identify student applicants most likely to enroll 
  • Match the enrollment strategies to the right student segments
  • Ensure the strategies support student retention
  • Validate the effectiveness of strategies and quantify the impact

We knew we had the answers within our datasets, but didn’t know how to find them. Sightline helped us redirect resources so they have the most impact.”

Sightline to Retention 

As a Dean of Students or Student Success Director, you struggle to identify which students to reach out to before it’s too late.

In order to increase your long-term retention and graduation, we:

  • Use predictive analytics to proactively identify individual at-risk students with a one to two semester lead-time
  • Quantify top indicators of drop-out risk for students
  • Segment at-risk students for batch-based interventions
  • Develop strategies and programs around campus resources
  • Validate the effectiveness of strategies and quantify the impact

As professionals in the field, we have gut instincts of what the correlating factors are that attribute to attrition. Sightline validates those gut instincts, giving an accuracy range much tighter than before.”