Week 1

Success is defined many ways, and our goal is chart a path that aligns with the vision of your college or university. We know one-size does not fit all, so we start with an initial no-cost consultation to define your specific goals.

We also clarify how our advanced predictive analytics deliver actionable insight to increase enrollment, retain students, or improve alumni engagement. We have built the tools and have the experience to apply them toward your growth.

Week 2

After defining your institutions goals with university management teams, we will coordinate with your IT department for anonymized base-level information and database needs.

Our team will analyze your data and configure our custom predictive models for your specific objectives. We do all the heavy lifting and present the results to you within the first four weeks. 

Week 3

Our first data review meeting centers on preliminary results and your feedback guides our tuning of the analytical models to yield the clearest actionable insight. To get you across the finish line, we run the tuned predictive models and deliver the results to you.

Week 4

We deliver support materials, an executive summary, and key findings to improve your area(s) of interest. To sustain your growth, we have an annual subscription plan for updated predictions incorporating each new semester’s data. We also offer optional consultation services to you throughout the process.

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