At SightLine, we aim to set students up for lifelong success through earning a college degree. The college students of today are very different from those of the past. Today, since students enter college at various stages in their lives while juggling a variety of roles and responsibilities, they may need different supports and structures to help them succeed. We are data scientists and higher education professionals who partner with colleges and universities. SightLine uses predictive analytics to introduce strategies that have measurable impact on student success outcomes.

SightLine’s founder and CEO, Ashley Kern, is a data scientist turned student advocate. She has been able to apply her data science expertise to a field that can impact students' everyday lives and long term success. Her experience with health challenges and medical bills as a student has given her a unique perspective into solving retention, financial insecurity, and even enrollment decision challenges and inspired her to make a difference in how institutions can support students.

Ashley invented her own solutions which we now use to help students facing similar challenges.

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